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Why you shouldn't DIY home electrics

Updated: Mar 20

In a world where DIY projects have become a trend, there's one area where taking matters into your own hands can have significant consequences – home electrics.

According to Electrical Safety First, nearly half of severe electric shocks result from DIY errors. The statistics speak volumes – 24% of people find themselves injured while attempting DIY (Electrical Times, 2020), and UK homeowners collectively spend over £6 billion fixing DIY mistakes (RISA, 2022). The solution? It's simple. We must leave our electrical work to the professionals.

However, your likely next question is: "How do I find a professional I can trust?" Well, that's where we step in.

At MOT Electrical, we are registered with NICEIC that certify over 37,000 businesses to ensure all their work meets safety standards. But they don't stop there. The NICEIC also assess and certify renewable energy installers, plumbers, and gas and heating businesses. So, when you spot a business with the NICEIC logo, that means they meet the top technical and safety standards. In short? It's your sign that you're in safe hands.

But why go through the hassle of paying a professional when you can teach yourself for free? When it comes to home electrics, hiring an NICEIC-registered tradesperson isn't just about safety – it's about giving you peace of mind.

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